Selecting the Right Driver

There are several factors to consider when Selecting the Right Driver for golf. Three factors include but certain aren’t limited to the folllowing:

1. The speed of your swing

Depending on the speed of your swing, the driver that the person uses may be different. It is suggested that for a golfer’s swing that reaches 50 mph, the loft in the club should be between 15-20°. The next highest is 60 mph, and the loft should be between 14-18°. From there, the speed of the golfer goes up by groups of ten mph, and goes up in loft speed of groups of three degrees.

2. Length of the driver

The length of the driver also matters because it’s easier to hit logo golf balls if the driver is longer because it’s easier for the driver to make contact with the ball. Ultimately, it depends on the golfers experience level.

3. The type of golf-ball

The type of golf-ball that is used has changed over the years; it was assumed over 20 years ago that the lower the driver, the lower the loft had to be