I Play Golf, Why Should I Re-grip?

A golf club no matter how good and how fine is of no use if the golf grips fitted to it does not suite the golfer. If the grip is either too thick or too thin, it shall have different effects on the shot of the golfer.

So according to old times, when people lacked knowledge, a golf grip shall not only be changed when it wears out. But even if a golf grip is new but it does not feel right to the golfer or fits him properly, the golf grip needs to be changed.

The golf grip is tailored to the characteristics, likes, dislikes, etc. Of the golfer. So only the golfer himself can choose a golf grip that best suits him in every way. A golfer shall as a result always go for the feel and first instance while choosing a golf grip. Only the gut feeling is the key to buying the best golf grip.