A Crazy Moment in Racing

Last week was one of the craziest moments in Formula One racing. Three cars crashed into each other back to back and caught fire. The racers had to scramble out of their cars to make sure that they weren’t burned alive. It was like we were all watching some kind of action movie when it happened in the bar where I was drinking. Everyone let out a big gasp as each car crashed. The track had bits of car all over it. We werewn’t even sure how the first car crashed, but once it did, the other cars followed suit.

The crash moment was something that probably won’t be happening again for another hundred years, and I was glad that I was able to see it live. Normally when things like this happen, I always find out about it hours later and have to watch replays of it on the news. I bet the people who were watching it at the actual race were even more excited to see it. I bet some of them were trying to get onto the track so they could get some of the debris that was left behind and take it home as a souvenir. You could probably get a good amount of money for something like that on an auction website.

I’ll try to go to a race in the future. Although the chances of another crash like the one from last week happening are slim, it would be fun to see a race happen live. To stand with all of the other race fans and cheer as the cars go by would be pretty nice. We might even get a chance to talk with some of the drivers before or after the race. I’d love to get an autograph from all of them.

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Clothing Does Not Have to Be Expensive

I wanted to get my daughter a nice riding jacket, so I went to one of the local shops. I had never purchased one before, but I have seen a lot of other young girls wearing them when we would watch competitions. Now that my daughter is going to be part of that circuit, I wanted to get her some horse riding clothes so she would fit right in. I had my first shock that day though when I went to the local shop. They had really nice jackets, but the prices were much more than what I was expecting to pay.

I know a few people who would balk at the prices but then relent and pay them anyway. I am not one of them though. Continue reading

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